Salman Khoshroo, born 1983 in Iran, spent his childhood years in New York. After a few intermittent years in Iran he went to study in the Australian National University, where he received his degree in Digital Art. Salman is a self taught painter, picking up the brush in 2009 and actively pursuing ideas in both painting and sculpture. The Artist Studied in the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Program in 2021 and works between London and Tehran.

2004 – BA in Digital Art, Australian National University, Canberra

2006 – First Solo Photography Exhibition,  Azad Art Gallery,  December

2007 – Second Solo Photography Exhibition,  Azad Art Gallery,  August

2013First Solo Painting Exhibition,  Azad Art Gallery,  February

2014Second Solo Painting Exhibition, “PROTAGONIST”,  Azad Art Gallery,  October

2015Third Solo Painting Exhibition, “Method 3”,  Azad Art Gallery,  December 2015

2016Fourth Solo Painting Exhibition, “Wanderer”, Shirin Art Gallery,  September 

2018Fifth Solo Painting Exhibition, “Action Potential”, Aaran Projects Gallery,  December

2021Sixth Solo Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Iranshahr Gallery, July

2021 – Group Show – POLYCHROMATIC – Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, July

2021 – Group Show – Universes 4 – Galerie Droste, Paris, October

2021 – Studied MFA Fine Art – Goldsmiths University of London

2022 – Group Show – Futures After – Former Retail Shop, Catford, London