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Junction Box Portraits

Junction Box Portrait 4
31 x 22 x 16 cm
Electrical Wire, Electrical Enclosure, Rail Terminal
2021, London

Junction Box Portrait 2
Telecommunications Wire, Junction Box/Fuse Box
2021, London

Junction Box Portrait 1
Electric Wire, Junction Box/Fuse Box, Electric Terminals
2021, London

unction Box Portrait 3
8 x 13 x 1.5 cm
Telecommunications Wire, SSD Hard-Drive Case

Primal Coil


Primal Coil



First wire figure sculpture, in life-size.

This piece will be displayed in my upcoming exhibition of painting and sculpture, opening on the 21st of December at Aaran Projects Gallery, Tehran.


اولین مجسمه فیگور سیمی، در ابعاد واقعی.

بزودی در گالری پروژه های آران، نمایشگاه انفرادی نقاشی و مجسمه، افتتاحیه 30 آذر


Video made by Anahita Shahamati

Music by Funki Porcini


186x40x60cm, 2018

EWFIGM-01, Entwire Series

Electric wire, Steel, Concrete