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Action Potential – Artist talk and process

Action Potential – Artist talk and process

A film by Anahita Shahamati @anahita.shmti

This film is the result of more than a year of filming and documenting of the painting process. The paintings are from recent years and mostly are for the current exhibition showing at Aaran Projects gallery Tehran.
The filming and interviews are the labor of my lovely wife, Anahita Shahamati, who has been by my side through all of the struggles. She has observed the process first hand and has taken time out of her compact med school schedule to learn editing and assemble this video. She has inspired my interest in human biology and teaches me about the scientific intricacies of the human machine.
Music by aphex twin
The exhibition is from 21 dec 2018 to 14 january 2019
For details visit aaran gallery page http://www.aarangallery.com/

Primal Coil


Primal Coil



First wire figure sculpture, in life-size.

This piece will be displayed in my upcoming exhibition of painting and sculpture, opening on the 21st of December at Aaran Projects Gallery, Tehran.


اولین مجسمه فیگور سیمی، در ابعاد واقعی.

بزودی در گالری پروژه های آران، نمایشگاه انفرادی نقاشی و مجسمه، افتتاحیه 30 آذر


Video made by Anahita Shahamati

Music by Funki Porcini


186x40x60cm, 2018

EWFIGM-01, Entwire Series

Electric wire, Steel, Concrete

The Window Garden

These time lapse videos show how an indoor garden can be sustained by a sweep of sunlight across the room during a daily cycle. The leaves wait in turn to bathe in the light as the pots are placed to create multiple layers of dappling based on plant needs. The curtains are programmed with Arduino to open and close according to daylight hours. Humidity is balanced with a humidifier to create the conditions for this secluded sanctuary to survive.
Created and maintained by Salman Khoshroo and Anahita Shahamati
Music by Brian Eno
#timelapse #plants #interior #windowgarden #light #sun #time #home #sanctuary #plantscaping