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Foam Painting Series 40x40cm


PUFPA40-01 PUFPA40-08 PUFPA40-07 PUFPA40-06 PUFPA40-05 PUFPA40-04 PUFPA40-03 PUFPA40-02PUFPA40-09 PUFPA40-08-sig

Foam Painting Series


40x40cm, 2020

Pigmented Polyurethane Foam on Panel


PU expanding foam is perhaps one of the most difficult materials to work with and control. This sticky froth is very unpredictable, growing and expanding for a couple of hours until it cures. The exposed skin of the material hardens in the first minutes, leaving the uncured center to expand and push the skin outwards, ending in a bulging shape.

In my experience with thick paint, the brush and knife tend to make concave imprints on the surface.
For years I wanted to create protruding strokes that better resemble the convex shapes of the face and head. Convexness is a prevalent property of “being” in physical space. It is a key issue when creating sculpture and painting that push for outward material existence.

In these time-lapse videos I wanted to chart this expansion behavior over time. Creating with a medium that is eventually physical and conscious of the process of its own creation.

This series is a first attempt at understanding the aesthetics and methods of working in this material. These techniques were developed alongside the projects of @anahita.shahamati , who inspired me to make this series. This is a toxic substance and I am wearing protective gear, with studio ventilation in place.



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