By Kamran Khademi for the Exhibition

I have known Salman Khoshroo’s work for almost two years. He has continuously impressed us as an artist struggling for discovery, awareness and consciousness. He is constantly working in that path, getting craftier and finding new insights.

Salman’s work reveals a tumultuous tension between what he sees and what there is. He ambitiously goes farther in creating effects that reveal a flow of intimate sensation of his subject, live and breathing!

He is of course a natural draftsman. But his work reaches deeper than what can be seen.He captures the throbbing soul of his subject with translucent layers of colors and bold strokes of brush and knife. Translucent colors, rough knife strokes to let the refraction of light seduce us to see the invisible, to see the undepictable! He has a vision through clouds of conscious and revelations.

The ethereal dream he has when he is hi with the fever, in that special moment sparks in an arc to the canvas a stream of conscious and leaves in its wake hallucination and daydreaming. His work requires acute awareness and concentration to watch and explore, an interaction rather than observation.

Strikingly intense and agonizingly honest, original and powerful, the urgency of his feelings and sensations is contagious. His enchanted work is going to get validated more and more as he finds exposure.